Create Real Impact.

Every day you see advertisements for an infinite array of products that promise life-changing results—anti-aging soda made from the leaves of a magical forest, electronics that induce spontaneous flash mobs, a diet breakfast sandwich that transforms you into a supermodel, whatever. You may scoff at most and chuckle at a few, and some may not even register on your radar. And how many of them do you think will ever save a life? How many may save your life or your best friend’s life? A sibling’s, a classmate’s, a teammate’s?

Reckless and distracted driving is the number one killer of teens in America, and it is something 100% preventable—so the only message that needs selling is the very real and attainable: “let’s fix it.” That’s where you come into play. As a teenager, you’re perfectly poised to spread this vital message to your peers and start saving lives today. No gimmicks. You don’t need the focus groups or the billion-dollar budget, because you already possess the insider intel and the creative power is oozing from your fingertips.

Just enter the Create Real Impact Contest to tell the world your best idea of how to solve the problem of reckless and distracted driving. Enter to win educational grants of $500 and $1500—money that can be spent on tuition or school supplies like laptops.

  • Video: Two minutes or less Public Service Announcement uploaded to YouTube.
  • Music: Two minutes or less original piece of music, any style, uploaded to YouTube.
  • Creative writing: 1200 words or less uploaded directly to
  • Visual Art: Original work in any medium uploaded directly or as a picture to

You are the future whether you like it or not, but you choose the footprint you make. Go to for all the details.

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