A Good Habit is Hard to Break

Setting a glass of a recovering alcoholic’s favorite drink in from of him/her and instructing, “Do not drink this,” would be unkind and unreasonable. If someone were trying to quit smoking, the first step to quitting would probably be to avoid purchasing cigarettes. When someone has a problem with a certain substance, he/she might choose to consciously avoid situations in which that substance will be present. The same principles apply for circumventing other risky behaviors, including those done while driving.

What distracts you when you drive? If it’s your phone, instead of tormenting yourself with having it in your lap when you drive, why not turn it off and put it somewhere out of reach BEFORE you start driving?

It might not be your cell phone that distracts you when you drive. For some, it’s food or beverages. For some it’s music. The important thing it to understand what your temptations are, and devise strategies to overcome them. If you are an avid morning latte drinking, it may mean revising your routine to allow for an extra ten minutes to be spent at the coffee shop. If you have fallen into a pattern of craving gum mid-journey, make the conscious decision to pop that gum in your mouth before you start the drive. This way, you’re not grappling with the temptation to make that dangerous reach for it while you’re on the road.

What is always comes down to with driving is CHOICE. Every driver is presented with hundreds, arguably thousands of possible decisions every time he/she drives. If you make enough good decisions in regards to a particular practice, you will form a good habit; the good news about a good habit is that it’s just as hard to break as a bad one. We forget that every time we stop at a red light, we have made a decision to do so. Every time we look both ways before turning into a busy intersection, we made a choice. These choices are so engrained that we don’t even think about them most of the time—now we need to consciously commit to making new life-saving choices. Your distractions, your decisions, your destiny.


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