Extreme Slacklining

Distracted Driving is risky, even deadly. Much riskier and deadlier than . . . Slacklining.

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Sydnee Dietrich PSA

As a 16 year new driver, Sydnee was taught to never drive distracted...

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Ashton Kutcher PSA

What do you consider lethal? Ashton Kutcher brings you a message...

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Create Real Impact

Create Real Impact, the brainchild of Impact Teen Drivers, is a...

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It has become one of the leading killers of teens in America. It is...

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Whitney Port

Whitney Port from MTV's The City and The Hills speak on behalf of the...

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Eric Holmes

Impact Teen Drivers PSA with two time Nascar Champion Eric Holmes.

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True Cost

Distracted driving can cost you hundreds of dollars in tickets, fines...

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Many Victims

Distracted driving can do more than end your life - it can forever...

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Split Seconds

A split second decision to become distracted while driving has...

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